Hello & Welcome to Claymore NZ!

My name is Rashelle Hirtzel Newton and I am the founder of Claymore NZ.

Claymore is a brand intended to provide a source of beautiful and expressive jewelry for the modern romantic. With delicate colors and vintage influences, Claymore jewelry reaches to bridge the gap between the soft expressions of femininity and the more daring and iconic styles found in modern polymer clay jewelry. The claymore sword represents strength and passion while the roses represent the more delicate, romantic element of the brand. Each piece of jewelry is completely handmade and designed; checked individually for quality and perfection, providing customers with a beautiful bespoke experience with every item they order.

I have been making and selling jewelry since my youth and have always been encouraged and supported by my family members who helped teach me many of the skills I still use in my jewelry making today. From a young age I have always loved to stay busy making and learning with my hands, even selling handmade jewelry and accessories at school fundraisers as a teen. Then I studied Product Design and graduated with a Bachelor of Design and a Bachelor of Business. Now married and starting my own business as a creative entrepreneur, I am absolutely thrilled to share my passion and artistic creativity with the world through my handmade jewelry.

Launched in 2021, Claymore NZ is the culmination of all the skills I have been practicing since my childhood and into my 20’s. Based out of the peaceful New Zealand countryside, Claymore NZ is a dream made reality through hard work, passion, and a love for beautiful handmade things.

I hope you all love my creations as much as I do.

Stay Strong, Stay Passionate, Stay Kind.