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  • Crystal on Dec 8th, 2022


    Love these earrings for my sister for Christmas. Would love to get some for myself too :-)

    Very quick delivery too!

    Emerald Beaded Hoops 
  • Anna on Sept 6th, 2022


    I absolutely loved this order! It was exactly what I was looking for and made a wonderful gift for my friend. The shipping was very quick coming within 3 day...

    Strawberry Dagger Earrings 
  • Jim on July 7th, 2022


    Amazing product. My wife loves them and can't decide which of the earrings I purchased are her favorite. She says they are the most comfortable earrings of that size she owns.

    Vintage Rose & Leaf Stud Combo 
  • Abigail on 11 Mar, 2022


    My earrings came fast and safely in the mail! I love these earrings they're so cute! Can't wait to wear them!

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